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The Science of Customer Engagement: Virtual Happy Hour with InterGen

Symend’s CEO and Co-Founder, Hanif Joshaghani, joins InterGen’s Virtual Happy Hour to uncover the science of customer engagement  and share Symend’s founding story.

The visionaries behind Symend include Hanif Joshaghani, CEO and Co-Founder, and Tiffany Kaminsky, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder. Hanif shared how he founded multiple ventures before co-founding Symend, but quickly realized that money is like an empty calorie. He met Tiffany through the technology ecosystem and brought her in to consult for his previous businesses–he immediately saw the impact she had and how talented she is. He acknowledged that in the areas where he lacked skills, Tiffany was incredibly strong. While Hanif tried to convince Tiffany to work with him on many of his venture ideas, Tiffany would always reject and respond with “what is the why?”. He didn’t understand what she meant at first.

A few years ago, Hanif enjoyed dinner with friends and reminisced about the old days. He remembered that dealing with collections had always been a huge burden on his family. The more he considered and researched the issue, the more he understood that debt collection is viewed as a credit or risk management problem. Instead, he believed that it’s actually a customer empowerment and engagement issue. That was the defining moment when he acknowledged that the “why” has been with him since a child and that empathy would become the crux of his next venture, Symend. He called Tiffany right away and the rest was history.

Today, Symend is creating a new category and is scaling at a rapid rate. Symend’s co-founders are dedicated to maintaining a strong company culture through social gatherings, mental health days, virtual beer o’clock events and office hours where employees can meet with the CEO to discuss anything relating to their personal and professional lives.

“I’m empowering everyone to grow and find new ceilings as we become bigger,” said Hanif.

Listen to the virtual event to learn more about:

  • The biggest mistakes Hanif learned from before starting Symend
  • The power of relationship building to drive positive outcomes with investors
  • How Symend’s enterprise software helps clients better engage financially at-risk customers
  • How Calgary exposed Hanif to entrepreneurship

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