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The Science of Engagement

Symend generates deep customer insights using a trifecta of behavioral science, data science and advanced analytics to empower customers to resolve past due bills before they reach collections – but it’s so much more than that. We know the science behind what resonates with customers.

We provide our clients with a deep understanding of variations in consumer behavior, which is used to personalize and optimize interactions based on the unique needs and preferences of the customer. By combining insights from customer interactions with historical data on actions taken, Symend’s artificial intelligence and machine learning model uncovers underlying psychological and behavioral traits. This helps determine which strategies will empathetically nudge and empower the customer to act, while positively shaping behavior so they fall behind less over time.

We’ve helped global enterprises engage millions of customers and rapidly respond to the changing needs of their customers with a relationship-based approach.

Benefits of Optimizing Consumer Behavior
    Communications that resonate with the customer’s unique and evolving needs, creating a consistently positive brand experience that keeps customers for life
    Clear outreaches, self-serve tools and flexible repayment options are proven to significantly lower inbound call volumes
    Empowered customers not only resolve past due bills before they reach collections, they act quickly and are less likely to fall behind in the future

Resolve past due bills faster with Symend Cure

Drive better business results and improve the lives of your past due customers with personalized, digital-first engagements that build brand loyalty, improve cure rates and empower customers to catch up on bills before reaching collections.

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Leading enterprises are tapping into the science of
engagement to drive better business results, and
better the lives
of their customers.
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Client Case Study

Symend positively engaged TELUS customers during COVID-19, increasing digital customer interactions by 220%.

“Symend became a critical service for TELUS overnight as call volumes skyrocketed and customer uncertainty continued to rise. Having Symend as a trusted partner allowed us to continue to provide outstanding customer service and build stronger relationships with our customers at a time when they needed it most.”
– Kim Vey, Director, Client Operations at TELUS


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